Kris Shaffer headshot in front of Rocky Mountains.Kris Shaffer, Ph.D. (Yale University, 2011), is an Instructional Technology Specialist and Adjunct Instructor of Computer Science at the University of Mary Washington. He is also a Contributing Editor for Hybrid Pedagogy and the lead author and editor of Open Music Theory.

Kris is a computational musicologist, digital media specialist, author, and coder. Recently, he has been focusing on developing and extending web platforms for education, particularly in the context of critical digital pedagogy, open educational resources (OER), and UMW's Domain of One's Own initiative.

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A journey through API programming ― Part 1: What is an API?

Human silouette rendered in code.An API is one of the most powerful and essential tools for web programming today. And yet, as I’ve been building my skills as a web developer lately, I’ve had a hard time finding a decent tutorial on how to use APIs, especially when authentication is involved. After a lot of digging ― and banging my head against various metaphorical walls! ― I’ve got a handle on basic API programming. ...

Now I’m exploring some of the more intermediate and advanced aspects of API programming, and I’ve decided to blog my way through it, in the hopes that it will help others who want to go down this path.


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