Aural skills 'playbook'

I’m currently assembling some materials for the instructional team for Aural Skills III, as we begin a new unit focusing on the transcription and improvisation of... »

The flipped classroom: six myths

What is the flipped classroom? According to many in the educational technology business, it’s using online video to deliver lectures to students and personalize the learning... »

Flipping an online class

Is it possible to “flip” an online class? As most people define the inverted class, no. If the inverted class involves students watching video (micro)lectures at... »

Sustainable pedagogy

What if we focused less on scalable pedagogy and more on sustainable pedagogy? When someone proposes a new idea in education, that proposal is often followed... »

Student-centered curriculum

What does a student-centered music theory curriculum look like? This question has been posed to me a few times on Twitter by David Kulma. It has... »

Education and discipline

To the growth of the [student] all studies are subservient; they are instruments valued as they serve the needs of growth. Personality, character, is more than... »

Starting off with critical pedagogy

A teacher’s first encounter with critical pedagogy can be overwhelming. The ideology is radically (pun intended) different from “traditional” approaches to education, and it can be... »

Why grade?

I’ve been thinking about grading a lot lately. Not only am I doing a lot of it—way more than I would like—and supervising grad students who... »