Headed (back) west

I am super-excited to announce that I will be starting next month as a Senior Research Analyst for New Knowledge. (If that title sounds completely nebulous to you, think "Data Storyteller".) New Knowledge is a relatively young company that specializes in online disinformation — studying it, exposing it, and providing people/businesses/etc. with early warnings and ways to counter it. I'll be working with some of my "partners in crime" from Data for Democracy, continuing to work on things like election monitoring and political disinformation, as well as diving into business intelligence. It's going to be a great opportunity to do work that makes a difference in the world, alongside some brilliant colleagues and friends, as well as to pursue my growing passion for data science full time.

In addition to doing awesome work with awesome people, this position is fully remote. New Knowledge is headquartered in Austin, Texas, but the team is distributed across the Western hemisphere. Our plan is to take the opportunity to move back to Colorado when our lease is up this May! And that has the whole family excited.

Almost exactly two years ago, I announced that I'd taken a position in the Division of Teaching and Learning Technolgies at University of Mary Washington. This has been an amazing job, doing incredible and important work, alongside some of the best people I know. DTLT — and much of the UMW community in general — is a group of thoughtful, intelligent, and ethically minded people. They — and the work I did with them — have made me a better teacher, writer, researcher, and person. I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with them. And whoever ends up taking my place is a fortunate person.

That said, we really, really, really miss Colorado. My wife had more professional opportunities there, the kids had a better schooling experience there, the hiking (and other outdoors stuff) is amazing, we miss the winter snow and the cool summer evenings, and we still have many friends out there whom we're anxious to see again. We left because it was no longer financially sustainable as a growing family with the income of a junior, non-tenure-track academic and a part-time, freelance musician — and I had a great opportunity at UMW. But the new gig will make it sustainable to go back, hopefully for the long haul.

There are definitely things — and especially people — we'll be sad to leave behind. But we're grateful for the opportunities we've had here, the friendships we've made and grown, ... and the opportunity now to get back to a place where we know the whole family can really thrive.

Colorado, here we come!


P.S. We're going to start our house hunt and moving preparations very soon. If you know of any single-family homes coming onto the (probably rental) market in the next couple months, let us know! :)