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The Flipped Classroom: reading list

Here is the reading list for The Flipped Classroom, a three-week, intensive, online course I'm teaching for Digital Pedagogy Lab beginning on July 19. I'm still building the private Canvas site and discussion forum that we'll be using for the course, so I'm offering the reading list here for participants who want to get an early start, or for others who simply want to see what we'll be reading. For more information about the course or to register, see the course web page. I've also posted a draft syllabus here on my blog.

While this looks like a lot (!), please note that this list contains many short pieces. The estimated total is around 65–70 pages per week, not counting the optional readings. (Not all web content is paginated.)

Also, note that some of these resources are behind a paywall. I am happy to provide a copy of any paywalled resources for study purposes to enrolled participants in the course, if you do not have institutional access. Simply email me at kris@hybridpedagogy.org to request a PDF. I'll also post them to our Canvas site once I have that up and running.

If you have questions about the course, please email me or — better yet — send me a tweet at @krisshaffer. Feel free to use the course hashtag: #DPLFlipClass.

Week 1 readings/videos

The Flipped Classroom - introduction from Kris Shaffer on Vimeo.


Optional further reading


Optional further reading

Just-in-time teaching

Optional further reading

Week 2 readings

Peer instruction & clickers

Optional further reading

Inquiry-driven learning

Optional further reading

Problem-based learning

Optional further reading